Our values — community, cooperation, transparency, and scientific integrity — emerge from our goals.

We are a public benefit corporation that seeks to improve individual and community health, primarily by developing novel, accessible medicines.
Community is the foundation of our public benefit ethos. Our community includes all those who have benefitted from, should have benefitted from, or could one day benefit from transformative medicines. This includes individuals and groups who have been harmed by unreasonable laws about psychoactive drugs.
We recognize we can only succeed through collaboration. We seek to help and be helped by people and organizations who broadly share our values and goals. We pursue patents and intellectual property with the goal of making sure we can do business (“freedom-to-operate”). We do not seek to block others from making discoveries, building organizations, or relieving suffering.
We strive to be clear about what we do and why. We will regularly communicate our objectives, our metrics for tracking progress, and our progress.
scientific integrity
We report the truth as we find it, even when it disappoints our hopes or expectations. We do our best to avoid scientific fads and simplifications that can prevent us and others from seeing the truth. We carefully research the potential harms as well as benefits of the medicines we develop.
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